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Life Insurance for people who have IBS

Taking out Life Insurance will give your family a financial safety net if the worst should happen to you.

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IBS is thought to affect one in five people at some point in their life, and usually first develops when a person is between 20—30 years of age.*

It's usually possible to obtain life cover for people with IBS but it depends on the severity of the individual case and any other health conditions you may have.

* Source: NHS

Moneysworth has helped many people who suffer with IBS to find Life Insurance.

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it's under control and you’ve had no severe flare-ups recently, then you might be able to get insurance with no increase in the premium.

If your IBS is more serious, insurers will look at your medical history and may decide to increase the cost of cover if you're a higher risk case.

If you use an expert company like Moneysworth, we can help you get the most suitable results for your individual needs and circumstances.

IBS and Life Cover – your questions answered

Generally, insurers will want to know:

  • The severity of your condition
  • How long you have been diagnosed with IBS
  • Whether you're aware of the factors that trigger the condition
  • If your are following a special nutritional diet (managing your symptoms)
  • Whether you are taking medication for your IBS
  • If you have experienced severe symptoms in the last 6 months and had to visit your doctor

Yes, most people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome will be able to get Life Insurance, although each case will be looked at individually.

Getting expert guidance is often helpful when searching for Critical Illness Insurance, especially if you have other health conditions and severe IBS.

Cover is often potentially available to people suffering from IBS, but Moneysworth can search for Critical Illness Insurance that is good value with competitive terms, as premiums rates can vary considerably between insurers.

Moneysworth can provide a bespoke service

  • We do everything we can to help save you time and hassle, such as looking after any paperwork, and dealing with the insurance companies on your behalf.
  • We have over 40 years of experience in finance and insurance and provide a bespoke, personal service.
  • We've developed specialist processes to help each customer achieve the most suitable result, and we always act in your best interests.
  • Moneysworth can help search a range of insurers so you can get the best Life Insurance policy as an IBS sufferer.

How Moneysworth is better placed to help you find Life Insurance

Why? Because when insurance companies look at your condition and requirements, they don't always make the same decision.

If you were to ask just one or even a few insurers, how would you know if the terms you're being offered are really competitive? Also, if those insurers decline to offer you any cover, how would you know if other insurers in the market would make the same decision?

Moneysworth deals with insurance companies across the market, so asking us to find Life Insurance on your behalf could save you a lot of time and worry. This is a real benefit if you want to feel confident that you're getting a really good outcome.

Before applying to insurers, we carefully examine the details of your circumstances. We have a wealth of experience in searching for Life Cover for people with health conditions, which means there's a good chance of finding life insurance with affordable premiums.

We've even developed special research processes designed to help you get a favourable result. So, by the time we apply, we already have a good idea of what the final outcome might be - and can usually give you an idea of the price as well.

If Moneysworth can't get you the cover you are seeking, it probably isn't possible to obtain.

We know (based on personal experience) the value of Life Insurance. It's one of the reasons that we're so dedicated to helping each and every client find the most suitable result.

Very few other companies are able to offer you the level of specialist knowledge and experience that our team has gained. Moneysworth has been successfully sourcing Life Insurance for people with health conditions for over 21 years.

Moneysworth provide a personal service for every client. Right from the beginning, you'll speak with a real expert. No endless telephone menu options or being passed around different departments.

We help you throughout the whole process, providing you with explanations along the way. We aim to make the journey as easy as possible for you, ensuring that you feel fully-informed.

Peace of mind is worth waiting for! Why writing to your GP is a good thing…

When a life insurance company writes for medical information from a doctor, they will need to wait until they get the information back in order to make a final underwriting decision. Inevitably, this means that it takes a while to get a final answer.

However, if the life insurance company receives medical information from your GP and decides to make you a definite offer of life insurance, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the insurance company has taken independent medical verification before offering the terms.

Why is it so important that the insurance company sees your medical information?

Well, providing that you have fully and honestly answered all the questions on the application form, you can feel confident that the cover is fit for purpose and – if the worst happens – the policy will pay out.

We believe that knowing the policy will pay out is the most important thing for all clients – especially if you already have a health condition.

Many people come to Moneysworth after being declined Life Cover elsewhere.

We're often successful in finding Life Cover for these people. Different life insurance companies often take differing positions on the same information. Our processes are designed to help identify where you can get the most favourable result.

There are cases when, despite our best efforts, we are unable to find cover – but usually we are able to find the cover you require.

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Before calling us, please make sure you have read and understood our Privacy Notice .

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We don't charge you a fee

If you start a policy, we will be paid a commission by the insurance company. The insurance company will usually pay for any doctor's fees if reports are required.

Did you know?

Perception vs. Reality…
Some people think that insurers don't usually pay out for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection claims.

However, in 2019, a record high of 98.3% of Life Insurance claims made were paid, including 97.4% of term Life Insurance claims, 91.6% of Critical Illness Cover claims and 99.9% of Whole of Life claims.

Source: Association of British Insurers, May 2020