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Client Comments

Don't just take our word for it – read what our clients have to say…

"Nobody likes to talk about life cover. Especially when you are a type 1 diabetic. The Moneysworth team are specialists in this area. They dealt with the facts sensitively but directly.

"I was very impressed with how proactive they were, chasing multiple providers to get the very best deal for me. I was very pleased with the rate that came in. When there were hitches along the way they knew exactly what to do. Thanks so much to the team. I have no doubt that I will be coming back to Moneysworth for other products in the future."

D.J, Brighton

"I approached you to help find me some life cover to protect my Mortgage with the Halifax. I knew my situation was slightly more complicated as I have diabetes but also spend time working abroad.

"Due to additional medical information that my GP provided, some companies were not happy to offer me any cover. When you finally got me an offer of terms it was very good news. I thought we would never get there at one point, thank you for all the hard work you have put in on my behalf, please also thank Tim, I must say I am very impressed with the determination and effort you have both shown."

N.W, Cheshire

"I needed to get a life cover plan into place quickly. Unfortunately it was proving more difficult than I originally thought. The problem was that in the last couple of years I had been diagnosed with a serious circulation disorder that had required surgery and now no one wanted to take me on.

"My attempts to ask companies and advisers that I had used previously had come to nothing and by the time I approached Moneysworth I already knew that my case was difficult. After asking me briefly on the phone about my health condition Moneysworth spoke with a number of life companies. They came back within a day or so and their research revealed much as I suspected that I would be turned down flat by all the insurance companies except one! The problem was that I had previously had life cover with this company and I had therefore already contacted an associated advisor who told me that now they would not offer me the life cover.

"Moneysworth insisted that it was worth applying and they handled the application professionally and efficiently, keeping me informed along the way. And they turned out to be spot on! Once the life company had received the report from my doctor they made a decision within a couple of days.

"Even if my condition worsens I know I'm now covered. Not only did they offer me the life cover I was looking for the price was as they had indicated before I applied – I'm delighted."

P.M, London

"Moneysworth have helped me on more than one occasion.

"The first time I spoke to Moneysworth I had two questions at the back of my mind – would they be able to get me any life cover and if so would the cost be prohibitive? Moneysworth started by asking me a few brief questions about my diabetes and explained how the next step was, without obligation, for them to speak with underwriters at a number of insurance companies to see if they would consider an application and if so what the premium might be.

"A day or two later when Moneysworth called back they said that they had found more than one company willing to consider an application so we applied. Not only were Moneysworth successful in getting the life cover we wanted but much to my surprise the final premium figure turned out to be slightly cheaper than the estimated premium figure and we were delighted with the result. 

"Recently Andrew suggested that due to generally improved monthly premiums for people with diabetes, it might be worth applying for life insurance again, to see if cover was available at a cheaper cost. Sure enough when my new application was accepted the premium was significantly lower than the price I was already paying, so I started the new plan and cancelled the old one. Thanks again Moneysworth for all your efforts."

P.K, West Lothian

"Getting life cover for me has been a problem in the past, as I work in the offshore oil and gas industry as a diving coordinator, mostly working in places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Singapore, so when Tim told me the insurance company would not be charging me more because of my job, I did think... let's wait and see!

"To be honest I didn't expect the premium to come back the same as initially indicated by Tim and also for the insurance company to cover me and my wife without excluding a claim based on my job or where I work. So I'm happy that my mortgage is now protected and it doesn't cost a fortune. Thank you for your help."

N.L & T.L, Chester

"Working as a contractor in the Oil & Gas industry means I don't benefit from an employer 'death in service' scheme. So arranging life insurance to cover my mortgage and protect my family was especially important to me. I decided to seek help from a specialist broker, due to an ongoing health condition. Andrew asked relevant questions, giving me reassurance that they knew exactly what they were doing.

"Having previously tried and failed to get cover, I was delighted when Andrew secured exactly what I wanted. The policy means my family is financially protected, with no exclusions, and a guaranteed premium that will never change regardless of occupation or changes in health. Thank you!"

B.C, Kent

"I would like to thank you on behalf of my wife and myself for the time and consideration you have shown in helping us to find insurance cover, it is very much appreciated.

"If in the future we require help on or advice we would only be too willing to come back to you for your assistance as you have been very co operative . Once more thank you very much and hope to speak to you soon."

I.S, Stirling

"I'd like to say that I am really happy with the service Moneysworth provided. After completing the enquiry form on the website, I received really good, clear communication from Moneysworth.

"Based on my job on a rig and work location I thought it might be expensive to get the life cover I wanted, but I was quite surprised that Tim found a policy that did not penalise me. The premiums were cheaper than I'd thought and the policy covers me at work and when I'm back at home. I will be passing on Moneysworth's details to my colleagues and thanks again for your help.

A.R, Wick
Andew & Tim