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You may be aware of the Consumer Duty, which was introduced by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), on 31st July 2023.

The Consumer Duty places new obligations in financial services firms to take positive actions to ensure they deliver good outcomes for their clients.

Moneysworth believes that, in order to ensure our clients get the very best outcomes, we need to explore all possible options when it comes to finding a suitable provider and product.

Have you been told by another broker that you can’t get life insurance, critical illness insurance or income protection insurance?

If this applies to you, then give Moneysworth a try. We cannot guarantee that we can get you covered, but we promise to do our very best. 

Other brokers who say they can’t help you might not be protection specialists, or it might be that they are unwilling to take on the extra work involved with a more complex case. Neither of these apply to Moneysworth. Life insurance and other areas of protection are the only areas we advise on. 

We have extensive experience of securing insurance for clients with many different medical conditions. We know which providers are likely to consider your application sympathetically. We are not afraid to challenge insurers if we think they have been unreasonable in declining an application, or if they are proposing to charge an unduly large premium, and we have been successful in this respect on a number of occasions.

Contact us today if you’ve been finding it difficult to get life insurance, critical illness insurance or income protection insurance.