This calculator shows you the difference in the gross cost of taking out Life Cover through a Relevant Life policy taken out by your business, compared to the cost of taking out the policy yourself.

Relevant Life Calculator


Employee income tax rate

0 %

Employee national insurance rate

0 % (assumes contracted in to State Second Pension)

Employer national insurance rate

0 %

Ordinary Life Policy

Employee national insurance £0.00
Employee income tax £0.00
Employer national insurance £0.00
Corporation tax relief £0.00
Gross dividend needed £0.00
Corporation tax paid £0.00
Gross profit to pay dividend £0.00

Relevant Life Policy

Corporation tax relief £0.00
Net cost £0.00

Total saving: 0%

This information is based on our present understanding of current law and HM Revenue & Customs practice. It may be affected by future changes and individual circumstances.